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Class Payment Options

Our goal is to provide flexibility in class usage, so our current methods of payment are:

·         Pay As You Go

·         Loyalty Card (4, 6 & 8)

·         Membership


Below you can see the pricing for each and hopefully an explanation to assist in deciding which one is best suited to you dependant on how you attend classes.


Pay As You Go
If you plan on just attending the odd class and don’t want any commitment to returning then this is option for you.


Loyalty Card
4 Sessions - £22.00
6 Sessions - £30.00
8 Sessions - £36.00
The loyalty card scheme has flexibility, in that you are purchasing a block of sessions, but you do not have to use them on consecutive weeks or classes.  This gives the flexibility to those that wish to attend classes to suit your availability, whilst still maintaining a more cost-effective approach to class attendance.
Many of our competitors allow you to block book but you must attend the same class for consecutive weeks or you lose your session – this is something we feel is unfair.


The membership will allow you attend as many classes as you would like over the month.  This is collected each month by our electronic direct debit system, which even emails you a reminder that it is about to leave your account.

**Members will also receive 10% discount on any beauty treatment from our associated beauty company, Ree-Vive Wellbeing & Beauty**




We accept cash or card payments for both Pay As You Go or Loyalty Card attendance.
You can also pay on line via the website should you wish for these too.


Prices correct as of 1st August 2018.

Which option best suits me?


Pay As You Go
Should you just wish to attend classes on an ad hoc basis with zero commitment to re-attendance then this is the best one for you and you know you will be paying £6 per class every time you attend.



Loyalty Card

If you only attend one class per week or if you attend classes regularly, irrelevant of the frequency you attend then the use anytime loyalty card is the option for you. 
It gives you either four, six or eight classes to attend but as you have pre-purchased these classes the cost is set:
The four card would give the equivalent of £5.50 per class
The six card would give the equivalent of £5.00 per class
The eight card would give the equivalent of £4.50 per class




If you regularly attend two or more classes per week then the most cost-effective solution is the membership, which is collected by electronic direct debit, and allows you to go to as many classes as you wish per week.
The £32 payment can be collected on the 1st or 16th of the month to suit you.
For example, based on a standard 4-week month if you attend just two sessions per week the cost per class would be just £4


All our instructors have access to portable card payment machines and we have also provided the ability to purchase loyalty cards on line via the Ree-Fitness Studios website.

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