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For those who wish to utilise our on-line virtual and pre-record classes then the monthly membership is for you.  It costs £32 per month the equivalent of £8/week, for a solo membership or £60 per month for a couples membership. 


All live classes will be streamed utilising ZOOM, a free downloadable APP for your smart phone or pad or a website/app for your PC or MAC.

This is their website and registration is completely free, and no other service is required as you will be watching not hosting the classes:


We will be offering live classes and pre-recorded sessions.  Obviously the live are broadcast real time so you can join in there and then and for the ones we miss we will have some pre-recorded workouts for you too.

£32 per month gets you access to everything the live and the pre-recorded. *Please note the responsibility for ongoing subscription lies solely with the member*

The website will be re-written by 12:00pm Monday 23rd March 2020 and we will be live for the coffee and catch up, you make the drink then join us for a chat, natter, rant etc. 

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