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Our Ree-structors

Gary Daniels

Gary is a Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer, International Presenter, Master Trainer, Course Tutor and Assessor, with over 15 years experience of the health and fitness industry.

His cheeky personality, coupled with a background in competitive martial arts and show business, ensures that the fun is brought into fitness arena so that even the hardest workout can be achievable and enjoyable at the same time


He has teaching, educational and lecturing experience throughout the UK and the rest of the World and has developed international fitness programmes, that are still in use globally today.   He is renowned for continually updating his educational knowledge and this knowledge and skill have placed him in high demand.

Annie Smith

Annie has been teaching various disciplines of exercise for in excess of 30 years, but her main passion is Pilates.

Annie has taught the Modern Pilates style of Pilates for over 10 years and feels it brings the most benefits to the individual  She has testimonials to show the benefits that her class attendees have gained, should you wish to see them.

She has taught at various health and fitness conventions around the UK as well being a guest presenter at the Champneys Health Resorts.

She is a Level 3 qualified fitness instructor and registered as such on the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Amy Long

A graduate from the University of Worcester with a second upper class degree in Sports Therapy.

After attending many Pilates classes at her local gym, with Annie Smith and others, she began to notice how beneficial it was.  Not just for those with injuries but also for those who want to develop their existing training.  Amy was converted and started her career in Pilates.

Amy is now a Modern Pilates level 3 instructor and her classes are benefiting from both her Pilates knowledge and her sports therapy knowledge.

Emma Jones

Having discovered the healing power of yoga over 10 years ago when attending regular classes helped me to deal with the debilitating symptoms of depression & anxiety I have continued to practice and study its many offerings with intrigue and curiosity.  Having trained in traditional Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow & Yin I have developed my own style of teaching, which has an emphasis on exploring the healing qualities of yoga.  I am most inspired by the traditional lineage of Hatha, as well as Yin & Kundalini Yoga because for me they have had the greatest impact on my overall health and well-being, these traditions form the basis my own practice and what I share with those who attend my classes.

I am an eternal student, constantly learning and evolving, committed to stepping out of my comfort zone, delving deeper, being curious and playful so that I can use what I discover in my practice to lead an authentic and free life and hope that what I share might inspire others to do the same. 

My aim is for my classes to be inclusive through creative explorations of all aspects of yoga.

Lisa Elliott

Lisa is one of our Hatha Yoga Instructors.

Lisa describes her classes as Traditional Hatha Yoga which provides us space to pause and reconnect with our minds and bodies. We work with our breath - using postures, breathing techniques and relaxation - to promote a wonderful feeling of wellbeing.

She can regularly be found at Yoga retreats around the world, expanding her knowledge and belief in the essence of Yoga.

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